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Dr. H. McNeill Lab

Lab Members



Research Coordinator


Pearl Sequeira


416-586-4800 ext: 2218
Fax: 416-586-8588



Laboratory Technicians

Lab: 416-586-4800 ext: 2659



Yonit Tsatskis



 Senior Lab Technician









 Yi Qu



Lab Technician 










Post Doctoral Fellows

Lab: 416-586-4800 ext: 2659


 Caroline Badouel


Post Doctoral Fellow

I am interested in how Fat and Expanded regulate growth and neuronal development. My current studies focus on how Fat1 and Fat4 control neuronal stem cell fate and proliferation. 





 Antoine Reginensi


Post Doctoral Fellow 

I am interested in football and kidney development- particularly how the Hippo pathway regulates normal kidney development.






Post Doctoral Fellow

am interested in the development biology of hydra, an amazing tiny freshwater polyp. An early Metazoan hydra combines a very simple body plan with a remarkable regeneration capacity that makes it unique for evolutionary studies. In Dr. McNeill's lab I am trying to uncover the role of atypical cadherins in hydra PCP.



 Leonie Enderle

Post Doctoral Fellow

I try to understand how Fat signaling affects cell growth. I am working with biochemical tools, cell culture systems and in vivo imaging to investigate Fat interactors and their roles during Drosophila development.



 Hongtao Zhang


Post Doctoral Fellow

I'm applying Crispr to deeply investigate the roles of Fat/Ds atypical cadherins in growth control using flies and their potential contribution to cancer progression using mice. I love Basketball and watching Raptors' games here---Lets go RAPTORS! Let's go McNeill Lab! 




 Elise Loie


Post Doctoral Fellow

I am interested in how PCP and apico-basal polarity can interact to control tissue growth and development. Currently I am working on the role of Fat4 and PAR3 during kidney development using in vivo models and biochemical tools. I also love rock climbing and good food!




Graduate Students

Lab: 416-586-4800 ext: 4593


 Kelvin Yeung


PhD Candidate

I am interested in planar cell polarity (PCP) and I use Drosophila as a model.  I am working on finding the PCP target genes of Atrophin (a transcriptional corepressor and a component of Fat/Dachsous pathway) by using chromatin immunoprecipitation.  I am also working on the role of JAK/STAT signalling in PCP.




 Norman Yau


PhD Candidate

I am studying how Fat cadherins regulate mitochondrial function and metabolism (see Sing et al, 2014, Cell). I use fly models and CRISPR to define residues essential for Fat function in mitochondria, how Fatmito is generated, and if this processing is altered by the metabolic needs of the cell. 




 Chikin Kuok


PhD Candidate -

Developmental Biology is of great interest to me and my project revolves around Fat signaling: to characterize the novel function of Fat which involves in PCP and/or the Hippo pathway

Our lab is awesome! People are nice! Don’t hesitate to join us!  





Undergraduate Project Students

Lab: 416-586-4800 ext: 4593




Undergraduate Student





 Zihe Liu

Undergraduate Student 


Past lab members



  Richelle Sopko 2008-2010 Scientist, Biogen, Cambridge
  Natasha Arbuzova 2005-2011 Research Fellow, Toronto, Canada
  Nancy Amin 2005-2009 Genetic Counselling, Melborne, Australia
  Sakura Saburi 2003-2009 Research Fellow, Tokyo, Japan
  Cedric Plachot 2006-2008 Global Manager Medical & Scientific Affairs, QIAGEN, France
  Laura Gardano 2005-2007 Faculty, University of Paris 13, France
  Joe Bateman 2002-2005 Faculty, King's College, London
  Ruth Wheeler 2002-2005 Clinical Scientist, Guys Hospital, London
  Manolis Fanto 2000-2003 Faculty, King's College, London


Grad Students

  Robyn Rosenfeld 2008-2016 Teaching Research Associate, University of Berkeley, California
  Srdjana Ratkovic 2010-2016 Program Manager - Knowledge Translation, Sick Kids, Toronto
  Nicole Liscio 2011-2014 Medical Editor, SAGE Media, Toronto
  Praveer Sharma 2007-2013 Research Fellow, University of California
  Sanjeev Shaw 2006-2009 Lab Technician PMH
  Afifa Khan 2001-2005 Mother
  Elizabeth Silva 2001-2005 Program Director MIND, UCSF, California
  Aphrodite Bilioni 2001-2005 Regulatory and Scientific Affairs Manager, SPRIM, Madrid
  Mike Mohns 1999-2003 Consulting Team Manager, Roche Diagnostics, Singapore
  Ina Dahlsveen 1998-2002 Scientist, Exiqon, Norway



Lab Technicians

  Ian Hester 2007-2014 Technician, Toronto, Canada
  Ben Pakuts 2009-2011 Research Communications, Toronto, UH



Undergraduate Students

  Suhail Agarwal 2015-2016 Student, McMaster University Medical School, Canada