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Dr. H. McNeill Lab


Community and Events


Community is very important to us at the McNeill Lab; we are more than just co-workers, we're a family. Lab Lunches and other outings are quite common - we're always looking for a reason to celebrate! So when the season or acheivements give us cause, we always have a party:




The Doktorhuts

We also have a tradition of making customized hats (a 'Doktorhut') for Fellows when they receive their Doctorate. Originally a German tradition, Leonie had the brilliant idea that the lab should adopt it, and has been the driving and creative force behind every one!

Congratulations to Dr. Bagherie!


 Congratulations to Dr. Ratkovic!


Congratulations to Dr. Sing!


Congratulations to Dr. Rosenfeld!


Congratulations to Dr. Sharma!